“I want to reach a broader audience through the book versions of my screenplays. Imagination through words is just as powerful as the visual of the onscreen portrayals, and I have a passion for literacy.” – Corina


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“Remember…remember…angry she will be. Wrath of the raven cannot be…peace, good queen, peace…”

After fifty years, the Bird Queen has awakened to a realm left in shambles. The remaining clans and their kings are in dire need of Queen Rebekah’s help. Their clans are starving, the drought is real, and hope is on the horizon. But not everyone wishes to aid the clans in their darkest hour. There is a raven assassin watching in the shadows whose heart desires nothing more than vengeance on those of the living to see the remaining clans fall. What will his queen decide?



New release June 2014!

New release June 2014!


“Kill the queen, annihilate the clan.”

For two hundred years, the realm of the seven kingdoms has been split in two. Separated by hatred, the Lion’s Den and Bird Clan have remained sworn enemies until this very day.

When a famine strikes the lion king’s side of the realm, it is the bird queen’s help that is needed. It is the bird queen’s lands that are wanted, for they can feed all the clans in the realm till the end of time.

But will she help them?

Queen Rebekah has always wanted to lift the Bird Clan up as one of honor, one to be championed rather than despised. And when the lion king’s son falls for the enemy queen, what was once divided may soon become one.

(Genre: New Epic Fantasy Fiction and Fairy Tale)




Those who have ears, let them hear…angels exist in the world—both the heavenly ones and the fallen ones. When most think of Hell’s Angels, only one comes to mind. But there are many more than the one, and they all answer to him. And he wants you—all of you. He…sees…you…

With the birth of the antichrist, the archangel Gabriel buries her trumpet in the Eastern Desert. Sealed in a golden ark, protected by engravings of powerful cherubim, no other angel can touch its metal for fear of being cast into the Lake of Fire for all time. Only a mortal can open the ark and play the trumpet’s tune.

When Jonathan Devereaux accepts the devil’s invitation to help the fallen angels resurrect the trumpet, the archangels descend from heaven to fight against the underworld to retrieve the instrument from the inferno before the final tune is played. For Gabriel’s trumpet is no ordinary instrument. It heralds the seven plagues of Armageddon…

(Genre: New Fiction on Archangels and Angels)

Check out the digital artwork by illustrator Scott Edward at Angels and the Anguished!

What readers are saying:

“I read Corina Zurcher’s Novel, Archangels : Book One (of a Trilogy.) It is terrific. It’s a combination of exciting scenes, thought-provoking and soul-stirring ideas; while adding just the right touch of humor and “humanity” to those enigmatic, ubiquitous Beings who are, at once, powerful, comforting, and yet terrifying. As powerful and provocative as the story is and how unique the author’s take … is almost secondary to the ideas put forth. I am anxious now for Book Two The Father of Lights.”

“The authors characters are filled with purpose, sorrow, torment, rage, allegiance and bravery – the story with adventure, action, suspense, trust, seduction, betrayal, denial, forgiveness and faith. The author is meticulous in her detail of Heaven and Hell and the Angels that occupy both worlds. I could almost smell the sulfur coming out of the pages, and the dialogue is smart, compelling, witty and out-loud humorous. I look forward to reading the next Volume in this captivating world of Good and Evil, Darkness and Light, Heaven and Hell.”

“Rich, vivid, entrancing. Archangels is all those things and more. As I read this book, I found the world-building in this series without fault. I have to give it to Corina Zurcher for creating this book. It was a fantastic story that kept me enthralled to the last page. Can’t wait to read her next book.”



“Your ally of former days is the Keeper of the Key.”father_lights_front

When the Witch of Endor is summoned from the depths of perdition to breathe forth the prophesy of the End of Days, the Lord of Hell is given a new revelation, “For you shall be bound by adamantine chains for a thousand years…” There is a key that will free him from his prison door, and only the archangel Gabriel knows where it lies.
The Archangels Trilogy continues as Lucifer reminisces about the days of old and long forgotten as he seeks to find what he once possessed when he stood beside his father in heaven. But he is not the only one reminiscing, for Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are preparing for the final battle when the last command is given and the Son of Man returns. And to prepare for one battle, they remember another where God separated the light from the dark, and some of their kind fell…

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(Genre: New Fiction on Angels and Archangels)

What readers are saying:

“Corina, describes, through the eyes of the angels, heaven as it was before and after the battle! It is the story of the thirst for power and the rage of the archangels at God’s creation! She draws a parallel to the creation of man, his temptation and his destruction. When the prophecy is revealed to Satan, with the help of the antichrist (man), he attempts to cross the portal back to Heaven. Corina is a very creative writer and just like her other books, this one too captivates the reader from the beginning to the end! You will not put this book down until the end!”


Based on the Christmas Songs by Ray Fontenault

Based on the Christmas Songs by Ray Fontenault


“Sometimes the smallest actions make the biggest noise.”

A family man dreams of greatness in his small town. Another man desperately prays to see the face of his son before he dies. This Christmas, an angel comes to the town of Snow Falls to help these men find their inner peace and discover that ordinary miracles abound in extraordinary ways.

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(Genre: Christmas and Holiday Fiction)

What readers are saying:

“A touching novel that will enter your heart and warm your soul. Snow Falls will remind you of the power your “simple” moments may hold. Highly recommend!”

“A heartfelt warm story that all readers would love!!!! A very good book to give as an uplifting read! I loved it.”


The misfit son of Santa Claus comes to life.

The misfit son of Santa Claus comes to life.


This is the story of Kristofer Kringle Claus XV, the third and youngest son born to Santa Claus. Growing up in the North Pole, surrounded by candy, cookies, and toys, one might think “Krissy” was a spoiled child. Not so, dear reader, not so. There were twin older brothers to deal with, allergies to overcome, and torments to endure from his enemies—the elves.

Yet somehow, Krissy Claus–along with his part shaggy dog-part abominable snowman pal, Snowflake–survived to tell this tale. This is his story of triumph; his story of hope; his story of what it was like…growing up Claus.

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(Genre: Children’s, Christmas, Holiday Fiction)

What readers are saying:

“This story could be an instant Christmas classic. Eventhough the story is set in the North Pole at Santa’s home and workshop, it is a story that anyone who felt like an outcast in their own family when growing up can relate to. As the youngest of Santa’s three sons, it showed the courage and determination Chris had to keep believing in himself in order to find a way to fit in with his family, how to deal with the elves and how to survive the Christmas traditions. Anyone who grew up with older brothers can instantly relate and will enjoy the events as they unfold. This is a story for children of all ages. Once you start reading, you won’t want to put it down!”

“Growing Up Claus is a realistic, enjoyable and perfect Christmas story every age will enjoy. It is filled with humor, tears, laughter—-every person’s journey in childhood! Corina Zurcher very succinctly describes the joys and challenges of growing up as she weaves this tale of “every man’s” journey each of us can relate to, by telling it through the eyes of a child. Above all, one comes to realize that nothing changes–even if you are born into the Claus family!!! Everybody has a story to tell that helps them find out who they really are and what they really want!! A must read for all ages—young and old!!!”

"We thank you."

“We thank you.”

(Illustrations by Gus Fischer)

Corina has also been working with illustrator Scott Edward on the series Hailey the Courageous. You can download the short stories here!

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